Providence Golf Course and other courses near Aviana

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Aviana is just across the highway and lends itself to a great golfing vacation. Play golf and then come back minutes afterward to relax in your own spa and pool.  During the off-season for the parks the weather is great for golf.  Ask us now for a price on the villa for upto 8 people.  The cost of a round at Providence is around $39 which included the electric buggy so can represent very good value for money.

The club house also has a magnificent main swimming pool where non-players can take the sun whilst the main golfers battle against the odds to improve their game.

Other golf courses are also within easy reach including the PGA level courses at Disney itself.  Below is a link to the nearest courses to Aviana so that you can plan your golf vacation with ease.

Good luck and we wish you well with your game!


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